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Upcoming Talks

February 28th 2024 › Jonas Köppl: TBA
January 31th 2024 › Jiaming Chen: New stochastic Fubini theorem of measure-valued processes via stochastic integration
Jiaming will introduce a new equivalent of Fubini's Theorem for functions that are integrated with respect to a stochastic kernel from the predictable sigma - field to Z. Based on joint work with Tahir Choulli and Martin Schweizer. Read More ›

December 13th 2023 › Zsuzsa Baran: Phase transition for cutoff on graphs with an added weighted random matching
Zsuzsa will consider a range of graphs and then add an amount of randomness that can be characterised by a single parameter. She will then discuss, given this parameter, the cutoff phenomenon for a wide range of base graphs. Read More ›

Previous Talks

November 29th 2023 › Luis Mario Chaparro Jáquez: A numerical scheme for SDEs with distributional drift
Luis will find the theoretical rate of convergence for the Euler-Maruyama method for SDEs with distributional drift. He will also implement a numerical scheme to compare his results. Read More ›

October 25th 2023 › Isabella Goncalves de Alvarenga: Multitype Contact Process
Isabella will introduce the Multitype Contact Process and give results on the tightness and position of the interface. Read More ›

September 27th 2023 › Félix Foutel-Rodier: A spinal approach for the convergence of branching processes to the Brownian CRT
In this talk, Félix will discuss general methods for proving that the limit for a given branching process is the Brownian Continuum Random Tree (CRT) Read More ›

August 30th 2023 › Tara Trauthwein: Gaussian Approximation of Poisson Functionals via Malliavin-Stein Method
In this talk, Tara will explain how to find quantitative central limit theorems for functionals of a Poisson measure. An illustrative example using an on-line nearest neighbour graph will also be given. Read More ›

July 26th 2023 › Steffen Betsch: Pair interaction point processes
Steffen will discuss Point Processes with pair interactions, giving a rigorous definition of pair interaction process and providing guarantees of their existence. In the case of a repulsive interaction Steffen will prove that that this process is also unique. Read More ›

June 28th 2023 › Noah Halberstam: Infinite trees in the arboreal gas
The arboreal gas, alternatively known as the edge weighted unrooted spanning forest model, is equivalent to Bernoulli percolation conditioned to be acyclic.Using probabilistic techniques, Noah will show that in low dimensions d=3,4 the infinite tree is unique, and give strong heuristic evidence that the number of infinite trees is in fact infinite in higher dimensions. Read More ›

May 31st 2023 › Zsófia Talyigás: Speed Results on the N-particle Branching Random Walk
In this talk Zsófia will discuss her results on the speed of the particle cloud in the N-BRW in the case when the jump distribution has stretched exponential tails. Read More ›

April 26th 2023 › Bas Lodewijks: A Study of the Random Recursive Tree
Bas will be discussing results for the random recursive tree - a random labelled tree of size n, sampled uniformly from all increasing trees of size n. Read More ›